6 Recipes To Make Your Own Sunscreen


Sunscreen is an absolute necessity during the sunny months of Summer.  However, the price tag can sometimes be a little hard to agree with.  Making your own sunscreen can be a solution to both saving money and knowing exactly what products you are using on your body.  Today we have 6 recipes for you to try of different types of sunscreen.  Each of them have different ingredients and qualities, yet still bringing you the sun protection factor you need.


1- Homemade Sunscreen with Almond Oil from Wellness Mamma


2- DIY Sunscreen from Scratch Mommy


3- Natural Sunscreen from Earth Remedy


4- Diaper Rash Cream Sunscreen from One Good Thing by Jillee


5- Homemade Coconut Sunscreen with Shea Butter from The Dabblist


6- Homemade Sunscreen Lotion Bar Recipe from Mommypotamus

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