8 Recipes To Make Your Own Body Butter


The summer months are quickly upon us and with them comes an increased temperature.  Whether we live in a dry, hot climate or by the ocean, our skin takes the brunt of it and inevitably dries out.  Body butters are a great alternative to the go-to remedy of healing dry skin.  They are all natural and extremely beneficial to our bodies.  They contain less water, more butters and essential oils, and provide our skin with a higher moisture content.  Here we have 8 recipes for you to try making your own versions of body butter.  The possibilities are endless, and once you have tried it, you may just have to make up a few different kinds to have on hand.


1- Witch Hazel Body Butter from The Domestic Pirate


2- Pretty in Pink Body Butter from Savy Naturalista


3-Vanilla Coconut Whipped Body Butter from Danielle Beauty Bliss


4- Bronzing Whipped Body Butter from The Sprouting Seed


5- Citrus Body Butter from Coco’s Well


6- Homemade Chamomile Body Butter from Nature’s Home Spa

Coconut Plum Body Butter

7- Coconut and Plum Whipped Body Butter from Natural Beauty Workshop


8- Mango Citrus Body Butter from Garden Therapy


  1. jillery!!! says

    LOVE THE RECIPES!! Will use them with my essential oil group to make items. Thanks!

  2. says

    Some really nice recipes here, thanks for sharing. And thanks for adding my Chamomile Body Butter ! Homemade body butters are so easy to make and much more nourishing to skin than commercial.

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