Bad at doing your nails? Stop blaming yourself


A new tool by Julep promises to make you better at doing your nails than you ever were. And if you always blamed yourself for not being able to create that perfect manicure, then stop doing it. Maybe it wasn’t you after all, but the sucky tools that you have had at your disposal.

The Plié wand by Julep was created after the company found a lot of self-blame amongst women on Twitter to their nail-polish skills. It got them thinking – is it the women, or the tool. And they got a design firm to investigate and work on a new tool. The result was this wand.

The wand rests in the palm of your hand – and is much longer than the typical nail applicators. It brings more accuracy and control and is supposed to give you a better grip.

What do you think? Is a longer handle tool going to make you better? Or is it just a gimmick?

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