Basic lotion bar recipe

Lotion bars are condensed moisturizers that are solid at room temperature, yet gently melt when rubbed between your hands.  They are easy to carry around and last for a very long time.   Here’s a recipe for a basic lotion bar from

Basic Lotion Bar

3 oz. beeswax
3 oz. cocoa butter
3 oz. sunflower oil (may substitute sweet almond, jojoba, etc.)
essential oil or fragrance oil

Melt beeswax and cocoa butter together in top of double boiler.   When melted, add sunflower oil and stir until completely mixed.  Stir until mixture cools slightly before adding essential oils, about 1 teaspoon. Pour into molds and let harden.  Package in a tin or a plastic bag.

To use, simply rub between your hands or directly on the desired area.


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