Bath salts and brown sugar scrub recipes

100_7528Bath salts & brown sugar scrub from WhiMSy love

Bath Salts: Put some Epsom salts in a small inexpensive drawstring muslin bag. Sprinkle in some lavender. Hang over tub faucet & let the mixture steep & dissolve while you soak. Aaahhh…

Brown Sugar Scrub: Combine 1 CUP of brown sugar, 1/2 cup vegetable or olive oil & 1 teaspoon vanilla in a jar or sturdy Ziploc bag. To use: While showering, apply scrub all over body to exfoliate. Rinse well. It can also be used to prep skin for a close shave: Exfoliate with scrub, rinse well, shave. Leaves skin moisturized. No need for lotions!

CAUTION: May cause tub/shower to become slippery!!

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