DIY Foot Soak


Do we need another foot soak recipe? YES WE DO! This recipe comes with an amazing photo (you know I am a sucker for great shots) and it comes with a free printable label that you can pop onto the … Read More ...

DIY Champagne Shea Butter


Don’t worry you wont need to sacrifice any of that expensive Champagne you bought in for NYE. This tutorial only require a Champagne fragrance. But the name alone makes this easy to make homemade gift sound decadent. Personally I don’t … Read More ...

Are You Deficient in Magnesium?

MagRoller-Base (1)

Suggestive early warning signs of magnesium insufficiency:
Physical and mental fatigue
Persistent under-eye twitch
Tension in the upper back, shoulders and neck
Pre-menstrual fluid retention and/or breast tenderness
Possible manifestations of magnesium deficiency include:
Low energy
Confusion… Read More ...