herbal-provence-soap-recipe (1)

This soap is scented with herbs and essential oils that leave you smelling divine. The lush oils will replenish your skin with natural oils. For the full recipe and instructions visit  Soaprecipes101.com

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With over priced deodorants taking over the shopping aisles it is becoming impossible to find a product that is safe and affordable. If you can’t find what you want then the only alternative is to make it. Check out this …

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Believe it or not, even men enjoy homemade natural products. This Malecon Aftershave  looks easy to make and perfect for gifting to the men in your life (Fathers Day). For the full tutorial visit  The Soapqueen and give it a …

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This Almond & Rosewater body lotion recipes creates a syrup that glides all over your skin. Using glycerin and Almond oil as it’s base there is no white cream based ingredients in it.  It looks fantastic in a bottle or …

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I love ginger, I love ginger tea, I love ginger chocolates so soaking myself in Ginger really does appeal to me.  triedandtrueblog.com shares this simple recipe to get you started with a love for ginger. Ginger can help kick cold …

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Hemp-and-Honey-Lip-Balm-Recipe (1)

Manuka honey is like a syrup from the gods, its healing properties are so great that even modern day medicine uses it. This tutorial/recipe for Hemp and Honey lip balm sounds so divine it’s making my lips tingle at just …

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diy soap wedding favors

These Soaps by Latikasoap are adorable and perfect for mass production. Create wedding favors, party favors or baskets of soap for loved ones with this easy cookie cutter style recipe. Thread some ribbon or rope through whilst it is still …

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Have you suddenly realized your a gift short or found a space in the gift basket that needs filling? This Lemon Sugar scrub is so quick to make that you could easily make 5-10 jars in 30 mins. The free …

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The temptation to eat this will be great but the desire to soak in it will win you over. The presentation of this chocolate scrub is amazing. It looks delightful I am sure it smells delightful. Full instructions and tutorial

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This is one of the best melt and pour Herbal Soap tutorials I have seen, the soaps in this picture look amazing and inviting and herbaly healthy :)

For the full tutorial you need to visit Thenerdyfarmwife.com where she explains all …

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After spending my weekend with a Migraine that just wouldn’t budge I started to look around for some alternative ideas.

Over the years I have tried different herbs, different medications and even Chiropractor treatment. But when a migraine hits you …

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Wearing Essential oils is something I do daily, It never occurred to me to create a necklace diffuser. These were create for kids in mind but I think they could easily be adapted for grownups. You could also use the …

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We were asked about using Essential oils to help treat ADHD and Anxiety in Children and we came across this blend called “Jeddy’s Blend”.

Obviously the usual suggestions apply -

Consult your Doctor before stopping any medications -

We have …

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I bought a bag of dried Calendula flowers around 1 year ago. I had big plans and thought I would actually get time to fulfill those plans once my daughter started school, but it never happened. I am left with …

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I don’t really have under eye wrinkles just great big whopping puffy dark mountains. But I am sure this would work on the crows feet at the side of my eyes.  DIY Eye Wrinkle Mask. 

What is your best …

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