Believe it or not, even men enjoy homemade natural products. This Malecon Aftershave  looks easy to make and perfect for gifting to the men in your life (Fathers Day). For the full tutorial visit  The Soapqueen and give it a …

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This natural Papaya skin rub comes from our sister site The tutorial is so simple and so easy that you will be amazed at it’s results. Use Papaya or Pawpaw skin to rub the flesh over your body. …

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This Almond & Rosewater body lotion recipes creates a syrup that glides all over your skin. Using glycerin and Almond oil as it’s base there is no white cream based ingredients in it.  It looks fantastic in a bottle or …

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This pineapple facial wash is more like a scrub but still smells and dare I say taste divine. I seem to have a craving for pineapple these days so any excuse to chop into one is perfect for me.  This …

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This natural facial is a “back to basics” style recipe. Mix together essential oils and natural ingredients for a rustic deep cleanse. Visit our sister site for the full recipe. Natural Deep Cleanse Facial Mud Mask.  This is …

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Makeup remover is one of those grocery beauty items that can make or break a budget. Forget all the leading brands and give one of these natural inexpensive recipes a trial. Try it for one week and pop back here …

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Oatmeal-honey-scrub (1)

This delicious face scrub is going to get to the bottom of oil the dirt and grime that is literally clogging your beauty. This amazingly simple recipe gets the job done with a nourishing effect. It leaves your skin feeling …

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diy face primer

There is something special about wearing your own natural face products. The best thing is you get to tailor a concoction or recipe to suit your own skin and not the skin of the “general public”.  DIY Face Primer

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Travelling means you can’t always take your normal stock pile of beauty supplies with you. Here are some simple hacks to maintain a beautiful regime on holiday.

1: Sugar sachets and lemon slices from the hotel bar can be mixed …

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Turmeric is one of those secret weapons against disease and inflammation. I use it in all my Indian cooking and might consider adding it to some more western style dishes too. Someone suggested I start taking the capsules for joint …

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So there is 11 days until Santa comes and you need to be looking your best. Now is the time to apply a facial or face mask. This simple 3 ingredient facial comes from For the full tutorial …

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Cucumbers come in all different sizes and colors. So it is no surprise that there is hundreds of different recipes for Cucumber facials, scrubs and lotions. These 3 homemade recipes are from and are a great starting point if …

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I am lazy when it comes to skin care. Even when I find a quick product (love BB creams) I find it hard to stray away from things my skin is used to. I go through dramatic phases of wanting …

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Pomegranate is one of those “difficult” fruits. Whilst I enjoy the taste, I don’t have the enthusiasm to, sit their for 1/2 hour getting the seeds out just so my children can steal them all from me.  Maybe next time …

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Autumn Face Mask Recipe

Do you have a little extra pumpkin pulp lying around? Don’t throw it unless you intend to throw it onto your face. This delicious Yogurt and Pumpkin Facial is from Michelle Pino spa manager at Skana an upscale spa located in …

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