Hair removal is one of those things, we don’t really WANT to do it. We probably  don’t even NEED to do it but here we sit planning on ways to rip the hair from it’s delicate roots so that we …

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diy face primer

There is something special about wearing your own natural face products. The best thing is you get to tailor a concoction or recipe to suit your own skin and not the skin of the “general public”.  DIY Face Primer

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Crayola Lipstick 3

Finally something fun to do with all those broken crayons. Now you can turn those shades of color into an amazing outfit. Pair it with a matching Crayon t-shirt to totally accessorize the crayon look. Crayon Lipstick Tutorial.

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Travelling means you can’t always take your normal stock pile of beauty supplies with you. Here are some simple hacks to maintain a beautiful regime on holiday.

1: Sugar sachets and lemon slices from the hotel bar can be mixed …

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How do you apply Perfume?  Apparently I am a rubber (rub perfume onto my wrists), which is a big no-no as it breaks down the molecules of the scent. Who would have thought I would be writing a post about …

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I think I know what you are thinking – That’s a lovely bottle of Champagne :) It’s simple but effective. Actually I think this would be a great idea for an end of year decor change, then on New Years Eve …

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According to Dr OZ a few cherries can make a big difference. This sleeping smoothie as it is called is sweeping across the internet.

1 cup tart cherry juice
1/2 banana
1/2 cup soy milk or 4-6 oz soy yogurt …

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Sometimes is just nice to be different than every other mum at school pickup or strolling through the grocery store. That is where DIY comes in to my life! I love these adorable glasses made with trinkets and paints to …

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This Mint and Lime scrub is sure to freshen your senses. With it’s olive oil base the scrub will leave your skin with a natural glow as it exfoliates any dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin. …

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homemade-mouthwash-2 (1)

I have never really thought about what was in my store bought Mouthwash but I am sure it isn’t anything good or natural. I love the idea of this simple recipe (with free printable label). I always get a little …

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mascara tips

Technically you are meant to throw your Mascara away after 3 Months. When I have to pay $30 for 15 ml of Mascara I wan’t to keep it as long as I can. This may be the solution to dragging …

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It’s a bit of a DIY secret (Shhhhh) but did you know Cinnamon oil makes your lips plump? Can you believe it , a natural essential oil can do the job of $100 lipsticks. HenryHappened shares this fun lip plumping

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I love this product review by Dana from I know you’re wondering why I don’t do my own product review of a self tan? Firstly I won’t fit into that bikini and secondly no one needs to see …

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If you have the luxury of going out at night to a special restaurant or show then this quick tutorial will “sexy up” your look fast.  The Wonder Forest shows you how to style smokey eyes in 9 easy …

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Do you know what furrows are? Do you have some? If you have no idea what I am talking about, then these are the lines between your eyebrows that show up (stand out like a flashing beacon) when you’re shouting …

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