This natural facial is a “back to basics” style recipe. Mix together essential oils and natural ingredients for a rustic deep cleanse. Visit our sister site for the full recipe. Natural Deep Cleanse Facial Mud Mask.  This is …

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Sometimes you know what style you want but you just can’t find it or afford it. These DIY Rope heels look amazing and are totally fashion chic. Check out the full tutorial here.  You could add some rope bracelets to …

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So it doesn’t actually contain mud, but it does contain chocolate YUM! The best thing about this tutorial is that it shows you in details what each ingredient is for and why your skin needs it .

For example did …

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Running around keeping track of your busy life can be daunting and exhausting. This tutorial shows you how to create a fashionable way to keep track of your crazy days. Visit for the full tutorial and a list of …

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Happy Valentines Day! I hope today is not the only day someone in your life shows you love. As the saying goes ” if you are alone don’t worry you were alone yesterday too”  (harsh but true).

I love the …

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If frizz is getting the better of your hair then it’s time to try something a little tasty, Yes I said tasty. This Yogurt and Avocado recipe is sure to get you salivating whilst you pop it onto your hair …

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This Indian Lassi bath soak comes from our sister site It’s actually been around a while but we have recently revamped the images to create a more modern info graphic style image. What do you think? does it make …

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Oatmeal-honey-scrub (1)

This delicious face scrub is going to get to the bottom of oil the dirt and grime that is literally clogging your beauty. This amazingly simple recipe gets the job done with a nourishing effect. It leaves your skin feeling …

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diy face primer

There is something special about wearing your own natural face products. The best thing is you get to tailor a concoction or recipe to suit your own skin and not the skin of the “general public”.  DIY Face Primer

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I love Chai! I love to drink it, I love to smell it and I love to bath in it. Here is a great recipe for Chai Sugar Bars that will leave you wanting more and more. Pair it up …

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Coffee Body Scrubs are one of the first things you see at a day spa, surprisingly though they are one of the easiest body scrubs to make. I love this image from her Coffee scrub looks natural and divine. …

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We have had several e-mails from people looking for quick last minute Game-Day Fashion ideas and this is what we found. I know some of you are going WHAT! THAT’S NOT QUICK! but before you judge check out the tutorial …

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Crayola Lipstick 3

Finally something fun to do with all those broken crayons. Now you can turn those shades of color into an amazing outfit. Pair it with a matching Crayon t-shirt to totally accessorize the crayon look. Crayon Lipstick Tutorial.

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DIY Bath Bombs

Sometimes it’s not the craft the catches your eye it’s the photo itself. Something about this stack of rustic bath bombs makes me want to start making them again. The photography is amazing! If you want to check out the …

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diy soap wedding favors

These Soaps by Latikasoap are adorable and perfect for mass production. Create wedding favors, party favors or baskets of soap for loved ones with this easy cookie cutter style recipe. Thread some ribbon or rope through whilst it is still …

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