lipbalm Having a good lip balm is not just for the cold, dry months.   You need to make sure you keep your lips moisturized during the hot and scorching temperatures as well.  A good lip balm is not easily found in …

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Sunscreen is an absolute necessity during the sunny months of Summer.  However, the price tag can sometimes be a little hard to agree with.  Making your own sunscreen can be a solution to both saving money and knowing exactly what …

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Bath and Body2

We have all had those days when we just need some “me” time.  It’s been a hectic day at work, the kids have been running you ragged, the demands of life and just pushing you to your breaking point.  However, not …

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Stress – I always thought I had a good grasp on “Stress” until I had kids. Kids provide a whole new level of “Stress” I like to call OMG why did I have kids “Mummy Stress”. Even when I get …

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Unstitchedd shares this recipe for a Sugar scrub using brown sugar, limes and sunflower oil.

Go check it out. Sugar scrubs are a great way to release the toxins from your body.…

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It’s easy right? Drink water – feel better.

Water re-hydrates your body and your skin. Water fills your stomach aiding in weight loss. Water detoxes your liver cleansing your body.

Magical right and its FREE!…

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Do you know what furrows are? Do you have some? If you have no idea what I am talking about, then these are the lines between your eyebrows that show up (stand out like a flashing beacon) when you’re shouting …

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I apologize now if you’re not into the whole Despicable Me Minion craze (like me). In fact I probably wouldn’t even blog about them if they just weren’t so darn cute. I am such a sucker for cuteness.

If you …

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Forget about using your crockpot for stews, how about using it to create soap, soap from scratch that is.

Onegoodthingbyjillee shows us how to make soap from scratch.

There are no melt and pour blocks anywhere in sight. Her tutorial …

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I recently came across a discussion that got pretty heated over whether little girls should wear makeup or not. I would love to hear your thoughts (be opinionated but not nasty please).

My 5-year-old has lip gloss and pretend makeup …

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Pink Lipstick  - Can use for a touch up of lip color and a few dabs onto your cheeks for instant pink glow.

BB cream or tinted Moisturizer – This stuff is quick to use and even outs skin tone …

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Living Proof shows you how to create this DIY elegant glamorous bun. Perfect for formal parties or business meetings.

The tutorial took me around 25 mins the first time. I need a few more clips to make it easier.…

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DIY Recipe – Honey Lip Scrub

Star-Violet Shares her tutorial on making a DIY Honey Lip Scrub

1/2 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp honey
1/4 tsp olive oil
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Have you ever wondered just how popular the perfume that your wearing is? I recently found out/discovered that a much older relative is wearing the same perfume as me. I think in that moment I realized I might be slipping …

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Quick Regenerative Natural Eye Oil Recipe

Rose-hip oil is very effective at regenerating the skin due to its high content of fatty acids.

Mix all the ingredients together and lightly dab a small amount of oil under the eye.

Leave …

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