These DIY Alberta Ferretti Shoes are a quick way to re-style an old pair of heels. Grab some good quality satin ribbon and a sharp pair of scissors to create this modern stylish look. Obviously the ribbon needs to match …

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This Almond & Rosewater body lotion recipes creates a syrup that glides all over your skin. Using glycerin and Almond oil as it’s base there is no white cream based ingredients in it.  It looks fantastic in a bottle or …

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This pineapple facial wash is more like a scrub but still smells and dare I say taste divine. I seem to have a craving for pineapple these days so any excuse to chop into one is perfect for me.  This …

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I love ginger, I love ginger tea, I love ginger chocolates so soaking myself in Ginger really does appeal to me. shares this simple recipe to get you started with a love for ginger. Ginger can help kick cold …

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I am not sure I want to draw attention to my already attention sized backside but if you can’t hide it then try blinging it up! Love the idea of turning an old pair of jeans into something a little …

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Hemp-and-Honey-Lip-Balm-Recipe (1)

Manuka honey is like a syrup from the gods, its healing properties are so great that even modern day medicine uses it. This tutorial/recipe for Hemp and Honey lip balm sounds so divine it’s making my lips tingle at just …

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Hair removal is one of those things, we don’t really WANT to do it. We probably  don’t even NEED to do it but here we sit planning on ways to rip the hair from it’s delicate roots so that we …

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This natural facial is a “back to basics” style recipe. Mix together essential oils and natural ingredients for a rustic deep cleanse. Visit our sister site for the full recipe. Natural Deep Cleanse Facial Mud Mask.  This is …

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If your Garbage disposal is smelling less than pleasant then this burst of citrus might just do the job. Home-made and natural made with vinegar and orange peel. Simple to make, simple to use what more shall I Say? Full

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Makeup remover is one of those grocery beauty items that can make or break a budget. Forget all the leading brands and give one of these natural inexpensive recipes a trial. Try it for one week and pop back here …

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Sometimes you know what style you want but you just can’t find it or afford it. These DIY Rope heels look amazing and are totally fashion chic. Check out the full tutorial here.  You could add some rope bracelets to …

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So it doesn’t actually contain mud, but it does contain chocolate YUM! The best thing about this tutorial is that it shows you in details what each ingredient is for and why your skin needs it .

For example did …

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Running around keeping track of your busy life can be daunting and exhausting. This tutorial shows you how to create a fashionable way to keep track of your crazy days. Visit for the full tutorial and a list of …

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Happy Valentines Day! I hope today is not the only day someone in your life shows you love. As the saying goes ” if you are alone don’t worry you were alone yesterday too”  (harsh but true).

I love the …

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This Indian Lassi bath soak comes from our sister site It’s actually been around a while but we have recently revamped the images to create a more modern info graphic style image. What do you think? does it make …

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