Wearing Essential oils is something I do daily, It never occurred to me to create a necklace diffuser. These were create for kids in mind but I think they could easily be adapted for grownups. You could also use the …

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We were asked about using Essential oils to help treat ADHD and Anxiety in Children and we came across this blend called “Jeddy’s Blend”.

Obviously the usual suggestions apply -

Consult your Doctor before stopping any medications -

We have …

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I bought a bag of dried Calendula flowers around 1 year ago. I had big plans and thought I would actually get time to fulfill those plans once my daughter started school, but it never happened. I am left with …

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I don’t really have under eye wrinkles just great big whopping puffy dark mountains. But I am sure this would work on the crows feet at the side of my eyes.  DIY Eye Wrinkle Mask. 

What is your best …

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This Mint and Lime scrub is sure to freshen your senses. With it’s olive oil base the scrub will leave your skin with a natural glow as it exfoliates any dead skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin. …

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This Handmade Vanilla soap recipe comes from and looks more like a block of Chocolate than Vanilla soap. I love the rustic feel to it!…

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This quick and easy homemade Cellulite cream main ingredient is coconut oil. Which we all know is capable of marvelous things. Even if you don’t have cellulite (yet) then I highly recommend you apply this cream or any other nutrient …

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Rosemary and Mint Shaving Cream - the name alone sounds divine. This recipe will have the male in your life smelling like a roast lamb dinner but his skin will be hydrated, cleansed and nourished.  These would make perfect gifts for …

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homemade-mouthwash-2 (1)

I have never really thought about what was in my store bought Mouthwash but I am sure it isn’t anything good or natural. I love the idea of this simple recipe (with free printable label). I always get a little …

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Cleaning the toilet is one of those jobs I just hate. Sure its easy enough but it’s totally gross too. Use Essential oils to create these Bath Bomb style Toilet blocks. Maria SSelf shares her simple Toilet Block recipe.


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It’s a bit of a DIY secret (Shhhhh) but did you know Cinnamon oil makes your lips plump? Can you believe it , a natural essential oil can do the job of $100 lipsticks. HenryHappened shares this fun lip plumping

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Bath Salts-001

There are so many different bath salt recipes and even more ways to present them. I love this idea as it uses simple labels with simple twine for a natural effect.  It also comes with the free printable for

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These Eczema Lotion Bars by Mrsfrugalfranny use just 4 Ingredients. Simple to make and really soothing to the skin. Check out her testimony on just how good these lotions bars are. Do you have a tried and tested natural Eczema …

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Don’t scorn me but I don’t do my own mopping. I have a robotic mop. (Luxury I know) But guess what it uses to clean the floor? Vinegar! I add a measure (usually its blob blob that’ll do) Of vinegar …

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As with all our posts this is not medical advice, blah blah blah.

Here is a great article for helping to “Balance” your hormones.

If you love Coffee (to stay awake) and like to stay up late at night …

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