DIY Deodorant Recipe


With over priced deodorants taking over the shopping aisles it is becoming impossible to find a product that is safe and affordable. If you can’t find what you want then the only alternative is to make it. Check out this … Read More ...

DIY Wedding Favor Soaps

diy soap wedding favors

These Soaps by Latikasoap are adorable and perfect for mass production. Create wedding favors, party favors or baskets of soap for loved ones with this easy cookie cutter style recipe. Thread some ribbon or rope through whilst it is still … Read More ...

DIY – Migraine Tincture


After spending my weekend with a Migraine that just wouldn’t budge I started to look around for some alternative ideas.

Over the years I have tried different herbs, different medications and even Chiropractor treatment. But when a migraine hits you … Read More ...