Cocolo – The Ethical Chocolate Review – A Must Read For Lovers Of Chocolate

Cocolo’s philosophy  is simple – to create the best natural, ethical and delicious chocolate. I consider myself to be  quite the connoisseur  when it comes to chocolate. I have eaten and enjoyed many different types over the years. I came across Cocolo in a health food mag and contacted the company for some to be sent out for review. I know alot of you are asking what does chocolate have to do with this blog?  Well Cocolo is pure chocolate created from certified organic ingredients. The cocoa in Cocolo not only tastes delicious but is also a naturally rich source of beneficial antioxidants. Cocolo is sweetened with evaporated cane juice, which is dense in the nutrients that are usually lost in the sugar refinement process. I am also loving Cocolo because even though it is made in Switzerland  this  premium velvety, smooth  chocolate  is in fact Australian owned. With certifications for being both Fairtrade & Organic as well as being GMO FREE there isn’t much to NOT like about Cocolo now is there. Oh and another added bonus is Cocolo do not lie, I have to agree that every bar is, quite simply, delicious. Just to be sure I tried 3 different varieties ( piggy piggy )

I ate and enjoyed every bit of the following

Milk Hazelnut

Cocolo’s special milk chocolate recipe with generous quantities of large, whole, roasted hazelnuts.

Ingredients: Organic fairtrade evaporated cane juice (Philippines), organic hazelnuts 25% (Italy), organic fairtrade cocoa butter (Bolivia and Dominican Republic), organic whole milk powder, organic fairtrade cocoa mass (Bolivia or Peru).

Cocoa Solids: 32% minimum
May contain traces of almonds and cashew kernels.

Smell – mouth-watering lovely chocolatey/nutty smell

Taste – Smooth texture with nice big evenly distributed hazelnuts. ( Hate it when they are not even makes it hard to share ) Not to sweet it tastes how chocolate is meant to taste it was nice to enjoy the cocoa element rather than the sweet side. My teeth hurt when I eat cheaply made chocolate. Not a single niggle while I enjoyed my treat which to me is a great indicator of its purity.

Packaging – You pretty much get all the info you need about Cocolo on it’s 100% recycled label. I really like that Cocolo have kept it nice and simple, covered all bases information wise and are conscious of the planet.

White With Almond Crunch

Creamy and delicious with occasional crunchy bits. Perfect for white chocolate lovers.

Ingredients: Organic fairtrade raw cane sugar (Paraguay), organic fairtrade cocoa butter (Bolivia), organic whole milk powder (Switzerland or Germany), organic almond crunch (organic almonds 5%, Italy; raw cane sugar, Paraguay).

Cocoa solids: 33% minimum
May contain traces of other nuts.

Smell – One word …… Delicious, light ( can something even smell light )

Taste –  Never really been a fan of white chocolate and was slightly disappointed when I received it ( how rude of me ) I am however really glad it was sent to me. This is how white chocolate is meant to taste.  I usually find white chocolate to be loaded with  so much sugar  that it robs me of a true chocolate experience also taking into consideration the teeth thing I get  I usually  avoid it all together. Cocolo white with almond crunch is the Mercedes-Benz of white chocolate again no sore teeth no overwhelming sweetness it is just right. Lengthy discussions were had with the hubby over this flavour of Cocolo. Kids loved it too and they weren’t bouncing off the walls. If you ever come across this one you have to try it YUM!!!!!

Dark Mint Crisp

Cocolo’s famous dark chocolate laced with real mint crisps. Delicious!

Ingredients: Organic fairtrade cocoa mass (Bolivia or Peru), organic fairtrade evaporated cane juice (Philippines), natural peppermint crisps 10% (organic fairtrade cane sugar, Paraguay; natural organic peppermint flavour, organic fairtrade cocoa butter (Bolivia and Dominican Republic). Cocoa Solids: 61% minimum
May contain traces of nuts and milk

Smell – mmmmmmmmm I LOVE LOVE LOVE dark chocolate the higher the cocoa content the better. You can smell both the mint and cocoa, my mouth is salivating thinking about it.

Taste – Cocolo Dark Mint Crisp  chocolate is ………… OMG ….. so good. It has a bitter taste and a slight grainy texture that may put some people off but to me it’s what  real chocolate is all about . The mint is quite refreshing. I found it to be very more-ish which luckily is ok by me so much so that  I enjoyed every last morsel guilt free. No sharing with this one. Ladies have you ever wondered why around the time of your monthly “special friend” comes to town you find yourself grabbing for chocolate?  There have been suggestions that chocolate cravings during menstruation are related to a deficiency of magnesium or are linked to carbohydrate consumption to self-medicate depression, but no strong evidence has been found to prove either one, I myself am going to believe that it’s the truth and the reason behind my cravings :)   If there was a chocolate out there that ticks all the boxes  COCOLO is that chocolate. Click here for stockists or just type Cocolo into Google and see for yourself how easy it is to get your hands on some to try for yourself. Follow Cocolo on FB & TWITTER to keep up to date with Cocolo’s happenings I see they are having a promotion Save 58% on 6 Bars of Delicious Organic Chocolate with Cocolo-Now Only $15 ………… Now with savings like that imagine what other things you can be spending your money on. Personally I would be buying 12 bars as this chocolate is so delicious once the family see I have some I will have to share :)

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