Cupertino Soap Company

Cupertino Soap Company creates natural soaps that are handcrafted using only the finest ingredients and supplies available. The products are not only beautiful but also wonderful for your skin. There are over 50 soap fragrances with aromatherapy benefits available. I had the opportunity to sample a couple and was very pleased. The Sugar & Spice soap, a hemp seed oil and cocoa butter blend, felt silky smooth on my skin. It also smells fantastic – on skin and off. My bathroom smells delightful after the soap has sat in there overnight! You can rest easy knowing that Cupertino Soap Company’s products are chemical-free and the ingredients are natural and organic. The soap makers also use essential oils and natural fragrance oils, including plants, herbs and botanicals. These natural glycerin soaps have a wonderful lather, and exceptional moisturizing properties as well.


  1. diätpillen says

    I specially like the Cupertino Soap Company Free shipping with your first order! And after using their product i must say that it’s not just soap. It is beautiful, wonderful fragrances and is really great for your skin.

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