DIY All Natural Nappy Spray For Babies & Toddlers

I find that the more kids you have the less diligent you are with certain things. With my first I changed nappies religiously so Baby H was dry and comfortable. Not so with my second  Baby L, sometimes it is so hectic in the morning ( and he is happy enough ) that I don’t get around to changing his nappy first thing. I make a spray to freshen up the “truckers crotch” as I like to call it. I could think of nothing worse than having to wear a nappy and sometimes with teething and certain foods baby can get a bit whiffy down there. It is especially handy as I use face washers at home and  unscented wipes whilst out.


* plastic spray bottle

* 250ml water ( or floral water I like to use lavender floral water )

* 1.5ml Essential Oil Solubilizer ( be sure to get one that has a vegetable oil base ) available from aromatherapy  retailers

* 25 drops of lavender essential oil. ( other suitable essential oils are chamomile, neroli &  jasmine )


* Add Essential Oil Solubilizer to the empty clean dry spray bottle.

* Then add the Essential Oil to the solubilizer and gently shake to mix the two together

* Slowly pour in the water.

You will find the water will turn a cloudy colour, this is good it means the oil & water have mixed. Keep this spray handy and once nappy is off give a generous spray to babies crotch/bottom and wipe off. Baby will be clean, smell fresh and if there is a rash of any type this will help to clear it up. Be sure to shake before every use. It is especially useful for when baby does a number 2 so much quicker/easier to wipe it off.


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