DIY Beach Inspired Bath Fizzies – great school holiday project

I don’t know about you but now that the school holidays are here I am trying to find activities to do that  easily engage my 2 young fellas and does not cost the earth. Thanks to Desiree from Beyond A Garden for sharing these sea shell bath fizzies.


To make the bath fizzes use the following recipe: 
2 cups baking soda
1 cup citric acid
1 tablespoon of ground kelp

50 drops of a essential oil blend
Desiree used – douglas fir, spikenard, grapefruit and spearmint
Witch hazel in a small spray bottle
 To mould these fizzies you will only need  some seashells you found on the beach and 2 little helper hands
For step by step instructions on what to do next, pop on over to Beyond A Garden and have a look. Get extra creative using glitter, micas and  clays as well as other essential oils/scented oils. We went with a coconut candle and soap making soluble fragrance  that I had in my cupboard. I will cherish these for as long as they last, the fun I had with my boys making these I will cherish forever. They smell pretty good too. The boys really enjoyed making these we had lots of fun and the cleanup afterwards was very minimal.


  1. Jeniffer says

    Tried to make them at home. To be frank they are more expensive to make than to buy, do correct me if I’m wrong. But its a fabulous post and now I know where I was going wrong! I recently bought some bath body products and thats when I really discovered what Bath Fizzies can do! I hadn’t been using them otherwise! What other Bath Body products can we make at home?

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