DIY Cornstarch Body Talc

I previously posted about making your own deodorant. Applying talcs is another wonderful way to fragrance the body as well as absorb excess moisture. Pure Talc, Cornstarch & Kaolin make excellent fine textured powders. The finest texture being Pure Talc followed by Cornstarch then Kaolin. You may choose to to use one of these ingredients or a mixture depending on your personal preference.

Below is an “all rounder” suitable for everyone


100 Gram Talc Powder

50 Gram Cornstarch

40 drops your choice of essential oils.


1. Slowly add your choice of essential oils drop by drop to the talc base, stirring them in as you go.

2. Shake the mixture through a sieve, breaking down any lumps which may of occurred.

3. Store your talcum powder in an old talc container or stainless steel parmesan cheese shaker, or icing sugar shaker, both of which are available at kitchen shops.

If making a composition for a baby or young child drop the amount to 15 drops for this recipe

Click here for Essential Oil compositions for body talc.


  1. says

    Hi! Lovely recipes. I wanted to share that talc is linked to asthma and as many children have corn allergies arrowroot powder is a WONDERFUL option. It’s actually not as smooth so I always gave it an extra whirl in my vita-mixer. You can even use arrowroot all by itself. It’s cooling (I used it through a summer pregnancy.) never gave me or the kids any kind of heat or diaper rash (those diapers just make my butt sweat! 😉 )

    BTW, I love that you share so many natural options to help folks have healthier alternatives!


  2. Mhairi says

    This is a great idea. Did you know that talc makes sand brush off really easily. SO take some to the beach and not only do you get in the car sand free but smelling nice too. Just dust over the sandy areas and brush off with your hand, towel or whatever.


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