DIY Halloween Handsoap Dispensers

I came across these inexpensive handmade halloween hand soap dispensers via Oopsey Daisy

These are super cool easy to make and very clever if you ask me. Do not worry about the orange dye not washing off you hands, as long as it is mixed through the soap evenly there should be no trouble. Why spend big $$$ at Bath And Body Works when you can make them yourself for a fraction of the cost. Why not pop in some spiced pumpkin fragrance oil for added sensory excitement!


As many bottles of clear hand soap  as you want say 12

Orange food colouring

Goo Gone

Halloween Images ( try silhouette )

Black Vinyl

Silhouette Machine ( there are alternatives )

Bows to decorate

For a step by step tutorial with pictures pop on over and take a look at this  

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