DIY Homemade Cough Drops & Cough Lollipops

 These are basically just honey heated to the hard candy stage and then poured into molds, but you can add  your own add-ins like ginger or steep healing herbs first and then strain. Honey is antibacterial and soothes sore throats, so these could be great for kids dealing with winter colds!

You Will Need

½ cup to 1 cup honey (honestly any amount would do probably)

Candy thermometer (optional)

Lollipop sticks

Lollipop mold (although if you do not have a mold you could make free form lollipops by pouring the honey over the stick on a non-stick surface)

What a great idea, at least you know what is going in them. You could crush up some vitamin C and add it to the warm honey and stir till dissolved.

I found this recipe through The Pistachio Project to find out how to cook, test and make these lollipops yourself click HERE    








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