DIY Intensive Hair Cleanser

This week I have decided is “Hair Week” So I will be sharing quick and simple hair recipes/ techniques for all of this week.

Have you ever noticed when you use a particular type of hair product with time your hair just does not style like it used to the very first time you used it?

This is because…………….

Through every day use of styling products with time a build up of product is accumulated.

Use this DIY Intensive Hair Cleanser once a week/fortnight to dissolve and remove any residues.

Quick, cheap and easy your hair will thank you for it.

½ cup baking soda.

1 cup of warm water.

  1. Dissolve the baking soda into warm water.
  2. Pour over your hair and massage it into your hair
  3. Rinse well


  1. says

    I just did this…lately I haven’t been using any product in my hair as I have been home a lot, but when I do it is curl gel. So I have just been washing and blowdrying. My curls aren’t as bouncy as they used to be or even as curly. I just did the was and my curls are back! Without any pruduct! Thank you. :o)

  2. melissa says

    I keep baking soda in the shower and make a paste with my shampoo every 3rd or 4th time I wash my hair. I don’t use much product, but I used to have very flakey hair and this has eliminated the flakes completely.

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