DIY Liquid Hand Soap – Great Christmas Savings/Gift Idea

 What is in your liquid hand soap, do you know?  There are 15 ingredients  in the average store bought hand soap, many containing delightful ingredients such as sodium Laureth Sulphate and Cocamidopropyl Betaine. As my son’s kinder’s “purchasing officer” I was recently asked to find liquid hand soap dispensers as well as a liquid hand soap to replace the old fashioned soap bar. Upon further investigation I was horrified at not only the price of liquid hand soap but the actual ingredients. Surely I could find a simple recipe that not only saves the ( self funded ) kinder some serious coin but could also double as a in house project that the kids could happily participate in. So off I set  to google suitable recipes looking at quite a few I found one that was

A- Inexpensive

B – Easy

and finally

C – Is free from as many “synthetic nasties” as possible that can cause chemical sensitivities

So here goes



Cheese grater (from the dollar store)
2 Tablespoons of Liquid Glycerin (found in the band aid section at any drugstore or grocery store)
1 – 8 oz bar of soap ( I used Willows Organic Olive Oil Castile Soap Bar )  which is different from the soap in the picture above.
1 gallon of water


To see what to do next pop on over to The Farmers Nest for an easy to follow tutorial complete with pictures.

Why not make some for a christmas gift, try different bars of soap or add your own scents. You can the decorate it with this free printable label

Photo property of The Farmers Nest




  1. Shay says

    So instead of buying liquid soap that contains various chemicals (including cocamidopropyl betaine, which is a nothing more than a synthetic derived from coconut oil), you recommend making liquid soap by grating a bar of solid soap that contains various chemicals.

    You will save money and it will be fun project, but implying that this is somehow safer for children has no scientific validity.


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