DIY Lotion Or Soap In A Handmade Mason Jar

Check out this, how cool, I love it ! Why not make this yourself for a crafty gift idea. Lets face it Kris Kringle can sometimes be a gamble can’t it. I love the idea of making gifts rather than just buying some rubbish no one really wants/likes anyway. So what if it’s just a hand lotion or soap, I think that the thought and effort that goes into packaging like this is worth it.



1. You can purchase a large quantity of mason jars here. You can also purchase them individually at Walmart or Target!

2. Spray paint the lid a color of your choice. ( I like the silver )

3. Drill a hole at the top for a pump.

4. Stick in pump, fill it, cap it and voila!!


I found this gift idea complete with the piccy via ShabbyAddict  – 



  1. says

    Great Idea, My last show for the season is tomorrow but will try this for next year. Thank you for this crafty idea for a handmade product

  2. says

    Great. It really feels nice when you make the gifts by yourself and gift them to somebody who are close to you and get the good feedback from them.

  3. Amber says

    This may be a really stupid question…..what holds the pump in the top of the jar as there aren’t any threads for it? Do you glue it?

    I love the look of this! Thanks!

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