DIY Spooky Spider Soap – Good Clean Fun For Halloween

Thanks to  Maddie of Domestic Anarchy  for sharing your Spooky Spider Soap with us. Halloween is fast approaching and with children’s allergies and cavities on the rise, why not be different and get creative by making some of these super cool spooky spider soaps instead. I love these spiders! they are a budget friendly, fun and easy craft project that you can do with the kids in under 1 hour ( perfect for wandering attention spans) . I bet bath time in your house  will be a breeze this Halloween even after the kids have consumed their weight in sugar!



Soap- $9 ( or about $5 is you use a coupon)

Spiders $2 for  16 of them ( bugs had more per bag- better deal.. but Maddy like spiders)

Petri dishes – $4  for 24 of them at the science supply place

So for  bit over $10 you can make 24 party favors or hauntingly good gifts.. not bad at all!

To see a step by step tutorial complete with pictures and tips for troubleshooting click HERE 

***** ALL photos courtesy of Domestic Anarchy*****












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