Don’t Believe The Hype Sunburn Is NOT Sexy

A long time ago a deep tan used to be a sign of wealth and good health as only the rich could afford to lie around in the sun all day. Skip forward to modern day  where we fortunately realise it is not so. I have previously mentioned recipes for “faking the tan “  Today I share with you some cooling anti-inflammatory home remedies for when your skin has been scorched by the sun .

ALOE VERA GEL : Slice it fresh from the plant or squeeze it from a bottle. When purchasing Aloe Vera look for one that is as pure as possible. For best soothing results leave aloe vera in fridge  to enhance it’s cooling effects.

CUCUMBER: Cut thick strips of fresh cucumber straight from the fridge and rub all over your sunburn.

CHAMOMILE TEA: Pour 2 cups of boiled water over 8 chamomile teabags put in fridge and  allow to cool. Use a cloth to dip into the cool chamomile tea and place it over your sunburn. Reapply  several times as needed to reduce the redness/soreness of your sunburn.


  1. says

    Great tips! Interestingly in Victorian times pale skin was the sign of wealth (it meant that you lived indoors & didn’t have to work on the land). However they took it a bit too far by using arsenic on their skin (!) to make themselves paler.

  2. Sara Lynott says

    I would so fit into the victorian times thing. I see so many poeple my age with wrinkly skin and I am appaled. I’m only 33 and I have no fine line or even crows feet. I wear a high number SPF and go out to the beach later in the day. It’s common where I live to go out later in the day when all the summer people have left for the day, it’s locals time then.
    I also stay out of direct sunlight when I can or limit my exposure to half an hour.

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