Grateful Body Skincare – Review/Giveaway/CraftGossip Exclusive

Grateful Body family owned & operated since 1998. A skincare company recognised by the United Plant Savers whose products are  100% natural, certified  vegan, chemical & cruelty free with absolutely no animal testing whatsoever. I sense your curiosity you want to know more :)  Grateful Body are one of the first and earliest natural skin care producers in the U.S ( Berkeley, CA to be more specific.)  Created in the 90’s by practising  (since the early 70’s) herbalists/gardeners. Grateful Body pride themselves on being purists Why, we only use fresh organic biodynamic and ethically wildcrafted, whole botanical ingredients — never did and never will use all those dreadful synthetics, chemicals and dangerous preservatives. We believe that this body is connected to all life and our products and ingredient choices reflect this basic, indisputable reality. Grateful Body believe “Nourishment is the key”  Never manipulate or burden the skin, only nourish and support———– that’s our policy. Your skin is an alive, vital ecosystem that demands biologically appropriate nutrients — it is not like your car , something you can polish, buff and pound the dents out of. Keeping it simple and ageing gracefully are what it’s all about.  I love everything this company stands for, from its high ethical standards to the very clever recyclable  packaging that contains not only affordable but truly amazing  products. You will never look at yourself the same again once you have used Grateful Body. Get used to the influx of compliments on how good your skin looks too. Even when you feel your possible worse your face will glow. Grateful Body selflessly sent me to review not only for myself but my husband skincare suitable for our differing skin types. My husband a silent ( well most of the time ) sufferer of rosacea was very impressed with the Ciao Rosacea Treatment he found a great sense of relief when this serum calmed the embarrassing redness he  randomly experiences. In conjunction with the Mens Cleanser he was overall quite happy with the outcome as he is very hesitant to put anything on his skin during a flare up for fear of aggravating the problem further.  Since moving to a colder climate 6 years ago my skin changes with the seasons, so I myself tried the Ciao Rosacea Serum and found it instantly reduced my redness almost as if it were magic. It did not make it disappear but I have no doubt that if used over a longer period ( and I intend to do so  ) I will see a more dramatic response, in the meantime though I am very happy with what I see when I look in the mirror.

The Hydrating Cleanser is by far my favourite, used first thing in the morning my day always started on a good note. Highly nourishing it left my skin feeling happy & clean. My skin was so soft without a hint of tightening or dryness. I don’t know what it is that made my skin glow,  I am seriously impressed with the plethora of ingredients listed from base oils & tinctures to essential oils and extracts. The bottle containing 120ml if used daily morning & night will last for well up to 2 months as you don’t need much to get the party started. The Facial Toner for Dry/Normal Skin is what it is “A skin quenching moisture mist filled with nutrients to hydrate and firm while promoting the skin’s natural equilibrium” The smell DIVINE  I felt pampered while using this I love that you can use it whenever you need a pick me up even over makeup!!!!!! Follow the toner with Grateful’s Dry Skin Facial Moisturizer and there you have it …….. The Trifecta. Glow Glow Glow is what my skin did, redness….. reduced, breakouts………..gone, Tight dry skin………banished, all that was left was happy nourished invigorated skin. Whatever you are doing Grateful keep doing it.  There are 39 ingredients in this moisturizer and ALL GOOD for you . No chemicals no nasty preservatives this product is literally food for the skin. Did I mention that   I AM SOLD!!!!! Ladies if you are reading this you have to try it. Luckily for CraftGossip readers Grateful Body  have many exciting things to offer. OFFER # ONE to be in the draw to win a  Complete Set as well as a Travel Trio Set of your choice  simply answer the following question : which 2 ingredients used in preserving all of Grateful Body’s products emulsions give them  a golden, amber colour?

Competition is Open to U.S & Canada only Entries close 9th June 2011

OFFER # TWO If you make a purchase from Grateful Body and mention in the comment box at checkout that CraftGossip sent you, you will receive one of the the following restoratives absolutely FREE. Choose from  Aphrodites Feast,  Sea Cell Serum or Supernatural Antioxidant. Just be sure to mention which one you would like in the comment box when you go through checkout.

OFFER # THREE Enter the following code when going through checkout as it entitles you to a 15% discount on your order . The code is beautyblog15 Offers 2 & 3 are available worldwide as Grateful body ships internationally . To keep up to date with all Grateful Body happenings you can follow them on FB TWITTER & MYSPACE


  1. Susan B. says

    hmm I think I need to try this. have always been a philosophy girl, but gonna give it a try.

    Answer to Question #1: Marigold flowers and turmeric

  2. Stephanie S says

    The color of the new preservation system comes from marigold flowers and turmeric :) These products look great!!!

  3. Charlene LeBel says

    The color comes from marigold flowers and turmeric. I have skin problems and would love to try these products. Enter me in your giveaway. Thank You.

  4. Kim R. says

    The golden color comes from marigold flowers and turmeric.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. Connie says

    The pretty amber color comes from the marigold and tumeric. I would love to try the rosacea treatment.

  6. says

    marigold flowers and turmeric

    This is a wonderull give away! I would love to try so many of thier products!

  7. Danyell says


    The 2 ingredients used in preserving all of Grateful Body’s products emulsions that give them a golden, amber colour? Is Tumeric and Marigold.

    Thank you!

  8. patty says

    i would love to try as u get older u have to try new things to keep looking younger thanks

  9. Evelene Sterling says

    The amber color comes from marigold flowers and tumeric. Thanks for a chance to win.

  10. Cary says

    Marigold flowers and tumeric make the amber color. I would like to try the dry skin remedies. . .I can’t enough moisture in my skin and would like the natural cures.

  11. says

    Hmmm looks fine. I have to try this one once on my skin. My skin is so dry so that it starts cracking at nights and in the morning i feel so hot when i comes out to sunlight. I want to look like an young man always. I’ll be very happy if this product cures my problem.


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