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Audrey is a 26 year old mother of three.
She enjoys sewing, writing, reading, cooking and studying a more natural way of living. Her life doesn’t feel complete unless she is trying to create something.
A certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner  and an accredited  Master Herbalist,  means Audrey can legally sell and prescribe herbs for medicinal purposes.

Audrey  first became interested in natural skin care when she became pregnant with her first child and started really reading ingredients lists. When she looked into preservatives and parabens and realized how toxic they were – she knew there had to a be a better way. Audrey is currently  working on liquid soaps and will soon feature hand soaps, bath gels and shampoos in me shop – all preservative and paraben free.

All Audrey’s herbs are as organic as possible and her essential oils are natural – not synthetic. This means her products are created by nature – not in a lab. You’ll never have to worry about additives or preservatives. Once you try Audrey’s products you will be a believer in the healing properties of herbs. Audrey would love to answer any questions you might have about natural products. Feel free to convo her anytime!

**Please note – her glycerin soaps do contain synthetic colorants and fragrances**

Audrey specializes in a wide range of products Facial Care, Body Lotions & Sprays ,  Mother & Baby Products, Healthy Home, Heal Yourself plus Sample Sizes & Travel Kits

When I  heard about a new venture of Audrey’s Dessert Soaps and saw them online I knew I had to try them for myself.

I picked 2 products which were

Chocolate & Vanilla Cookie Soap

Margarita Cocktail Soap

Shipped all the way from the U.S   they made it to me in one unharmed piece.

Firstly I just have to say the intricate detail of these soaps is amazing, the look & smell of the cookies is so realistic mine almost met an untimely demise on 2  occasions once to my 5 year old and  another my husband  ( needless to say he was a bit upset to see it was soap he had his heart set on eating some cookies )  I showered with the chocolate cookie, it lathered up nicely and I smelt delicious afterwards. My skin did not dry out either.  The other cookie is on display to  see how many people I can “trick”  I have had alot of comments on how lovely my bathroom smells ( I owe it all to the cookie ) You know your fooling people when you ask your 5 year old if he would let you wash his mouth out with it & he says YES!!!!

It’s also the perfect palm size. A fun way to make washing hands more interesting for kids and adults alike.

I am not 100% sure if I am supposed to bathe with the margarita soap but I can tell you I have no intention too whatsoever. This soap is so darn cute I cannot bring myself to do so.  This soap would make a fantastic gift for many occasion eg Hens Night , Girls Night or give it to that friend that seems to have an extra special acquaintance with margaritas ( AHEM  if you happen to be reading this LC) . It looks & smells like a margarita I LOVE it :)

Naturalmomma is giving 1 lucky reader the chance to win some of her gorgeous creations

To be in the draw to win the following

Milk & Cookies Soap

Mint & Honey Lip Balm

Simply answer the following question

How many different types of dessert soaps does NaturalMomma currently have available for purchase?


In the meantime

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  1. Raven In A Blue Room says

    4 or 5 if I include the yummy margarita soap, also 3 liquid soaps

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  2. Muireann says

    Well, there are four ‘food’ dessert soaps but I’d be happy with a drink dessert too!

  3. Knititall says

    These look so tasty! I see five dessert soaps all in all if you count the margarita – Milk and Cookies, Cupcake, Chocolate and Vanilla Cookie, Fresh Baked Donut, and the Margarita.

  4. Donnely Barber says

    4 dessert calorie free, milk and cookies, oreo cookies, doughnuts, and adorable cupcakes plus a lovely drink as a side kick. What awesome looking soaps. yummmmmmm

    thanks for a great give away

  5. Tannis says

    Five if you include the margarita soap! I’d consider that a dessert!
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  6. says

    Four Dessert Soaps, unless you count the Margarita one (which I personally consider margarita’s a necessity, not a dessert), then it would be Five….

  7. Dana says

    Four dessert soaps: cookies and milk,cupcake, donuts, and chocolate and vanilla cookies soap.


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