Pure & Green Organics Review/Giveaway


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Pure & Green Organics can be summed up into these 3 words

* Purenot synthetic

* Greenmade from plants

*Organicgrown sustainably  without synthetic chemicals

You can read the  Inspirational Background Story from  Founder & CEO Grace here.

Pure & Green Organics have 21 products in there range, comprising of skin. hair, teeth & body care. They have something for everyone.


Pure & Green Organics have skin ethics, all of there products are 100% cruelty free, 100% vegan, free from palm oil, not tested on animals and are made from 95% or higher fair trade certified organic   natural ingredients.

Pure & Green Organics use Eco – Safe packaging the BIOpack bottles are made from renewable plant sugar, requiring much less energy to produce than petrochemical plastics and are manufactured locally in a carbon neutral facility.

Pure & Green Organics are the first cosmetic company in the world to use 100% post – consumer – recycled cardboard caps on their bottles.

I found the no waste airless pump idea fantastic, no cream remains stuck out of reach once empty  and that appeals to me.

At first I found the Jumbo Sizing ( product labelling) overwhelming , the fact that this in itself eliminates the need for further packaging & inserts changed my mind very quickly.


Thanks to Office Manager and Customer Support Representative Vicki Campbell @ Pure & Green Organics I was lucky enough to trial quite a few of there products.

* Lavender with Wild Rosella Flowers Exfoliater

* Sensitivity Cleansing Moisture Bar.

* Lemon Tea Tree with Witch Hazel Toner.

* Rejuvenate Beautifying Organic Night Cream.

* Hand & Nail Organic Hand Cream LAVENDER.

The Lavender with Wild Rosella Exfoliater literally made my mouth water, my skin felt soft & clean without being over-stripped of my skins natural oils. I could smell the lavender essential oil &  wild rosella flowers which appealed to me. The exfoliating granules were not too harsh although I am used to a coarser granule. It does of course tell you on the bottle that it is a medium  exfoliant so what you see is what you get which is great.

The Sensitivity Cleansing Moisture Bar I was given was unscented. I found it to lather up and cleanse very well I have sensitive/dry/mature skin so I found my skin to be slightly more stripped of oils then I am used too but I would not say it was overly stripped nor would it bother  the average person. It also was not stripped to the point where my skin began to overcompensate by producing more oil. Overall I was happy with it.

The Lemon Tea Tree with Witch Hazel Toner smells really good. I found that it lived  up to its claim of “ Lifting & tightening whilst cleansing impurities and constricting open pores” It has multiple uses if you apply it under the eye with a cotton bud it reduces baggy eyes. Men can also use it after shaving to minimize irritation & supply rapid nourishment & protection

The Rejuvenate Beautifying Organic Night Cream. is a high potency  antioxidant night cream including oils of Rosehip, Tamanu, Sea Buckthorn, Immortelle & Australian Native Daisy. Not only did I like the way my skin felt after using it but the smell…… (  I rarely use this term because normally when people say it I think they can’t come up with another descriptive word….  but it’s the truth ) is AMAZING if this night cream were a man I would want to date it. The only thing I could say against it is, for a night cream it was quite light ( I am used to a heavier night cream ) in it’s defense though, I did not have a day  cream for comparison.  This cream would be a fantastic choice for someone who has really oily skin as it has no oily residue whatsoever. Did I mention that it won a SILVER MEDAL for Best Beauty Product @ 2010 Organic Expo & Green Show Awards

The Hand & Nail Organic Hand Cream LAVENDER. Is the ideal herbal balm for rejuvenating hands. A blend of organic oils & plant butters suspended in aloe vera give long lasting protection and suppleness. It was quickly absorbed by my skin and when I smelt it something about it made me think of  cakes ( in a good way ) I think it is the almond & vanilla extracts, very beguiling . I really liked the hand cream. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was after it was absorbed my hands felt slightly waxy but that is a personal preference .

For a chance to be 1 of 4 to win a Pamper Pack from PURE & GREEN ORGANICS  valued at $49.95

ALL you have to do is answer the following question……… drumroll please.

In what year did Pure & Green Organics become the first and only company to have every product ACO Certified

was it

A. 2005

B. 1999

C 2009

Giveaway is open to all residents  in Australia only & will be drawn 17th March 2011



  1. Melissa W. says

    C. 2009 I didn’t think I would find something that interesting to read going through a product website, but I was wrong! Great story.

  2. Jany says

    I’d like to try these products, but I’m not australian,
    In June 2009, Pure & Green Organics became the first and only company in the world to achieve this (EVERY PRODUCT is ACO Certified Organic; face, body, dental and hair care)


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