How To Strip Hair Dye Gone Wrong


Firstly my hair color was not a mistake, it was a crutch. I had spent around 8 years dying my hair this color and that color until I was finally happy with a dark red. I have been various shades of dark red but always dark red. I liked it so I stuck with it. I stuck with it for 10 years. It was safe. I like safe.

My children don’t even know what my natural hair color is and being egged on by my 5 year old who thinks everyone should be blonde (seriously have no idea why), I decided to take some childish courage and just go for it.

I have been to the hairdressers several times over the past year inquiring about changing my hair back to my natural color of dark blonde. (I think that was my natural color). It was like asking them to pull blood from a stone or in this case red hair dye from my head. I was quoted a minimum of $400-$500. I was told I would need to cut my long locks and the whole process would take around a year. Seriously?

Then a fairy named JoBaz was sent down to bloggers heaven in the form of a product review. When I saw the request for bloggers to trial a color stripping product I thought this my beauty friend is destiny. (Or I could just be a cheap-ass who didn’t want to pay $500 to go to the salon).  

The product is JoBaz Hair Color Removed $29,95  it is simple to use but be prepared to be in the shower for a long time. Up to 30 mins of rinsing is recommended. I popped my shower head onto gentle massage cause I figured if I am going to have a shower for that long  (without a child at my feet) then I am going to make the most of this ME time. I probably should have poured myself a glass of wine and popped on some soothing tones of Kenni G (or maybe not).

Warning – Alcohol and Hair Dying do not mix – when purchasing hair dye always make sure you are sober as it my affect the result. (Sharing a free life lesson for the young ones).

I decided to video myself because – again I was egged on by my 5 year old who has no fear or understanding of public humiliation or videos going viral on youtube. (She has her own channel so she will learn one day).

Before Video – How to remove hair color dye:

Application Video with semi freak out:

After Video  – Happy Happy smiles:

I am really happy with the results, I am certainly much closer to getting to my end result and it didn’t cost me my first born child. I will stay with this for a little while and then go the hair dresser and look at bleaching it down to a strawberry blonde.  But at the moment  I feel like Nicole Kidman.



  1. Chrissi Matusevics says

    Had mine done in a salon- (if only because I was instructed to by my father and he was paying)I had been dark chestnut or mahogany colour for over 20 years and trying to be more of a reddish brown- I wouldn’t say it was the most successful job- being as a lot of my natural hair had gone grey and, as I’d been dyeing my hair since I was about 15, and had actually forgotten what colour my hair was naturally- I was in there all day 10am to 5.30 and even then all they could do with the dye-line was bleach it and add highlights- which made it a fetching shade of light strawberry blonde,once it had settled down from the brilliant orange it started off, and it took two years of having 5″ cut off every three months to get it all out- I’m never likely to dye it again after that I can tell you

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    I love your site, get your daily emails, but honestly, I’m getting really tired of this.

    Help me if you can, please.

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