Mia Cup Review

cup closeupDespite all the  progress that’s been made since the early 1900s, little about tampons or sanitary pads has really changed since they were first introduced almost one hundred years ago. Miacup is a modern, liberating way to deal with menstrual hygiene and one that solves many of the problems associated with traditional, antiquated methods.” – excerpt from Miacup Website

Unable to test this beauty out myself I passed it onto a fellow female friend who had this to say about her experience with Miacup.

Miacup Pros

* Pretty neat & compact

* Easy to insert

* Wears comfortably

* Easy to clean

* Great for overnight

* Comfortable During Sport

* Loves the cute storage bag that Miacup comes in.

* Money saved can be spent on other things.

* Less landfill waste

* No flushing sanitary items down toilets etc ( not that she does but there are people out there who STILL flush tsk tsk )

To read more about Miacup as well as a few comments CraftGossip readers have kindly shared with us click HERE


Miacup Cons

* I wouldn’t use it on my heaviest day if I was out and about as it is not the most discreet thing to clean in a public toilet. ( my solution to that is to but 2 or 3 cups and carry a spare, put used Miacup in a          plastic bag, seal it, then pop in storage bag. OR don’t wash it, you don’t have to wash it every time )

* Needs lubricant on very light days.

* Can be daunting to insert at first ( don’t let that stop you, remember the first time you tried a tampon – now that is daunting )


Want to try one for yourself click HERE to order your own online today.


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