NEW – Essensity – Colour, Care & Styling – Brought To You By Schwarzkopf – Worldwide Relaunch September 2011 REVIEW


 Seeking a healthier alternative that delivers striking beauty?  After 100% performance with 0% compromise?   If you regularly colour your hair, suffer from scalp sensitivities and are not a fan of using ammonia then look no further. Schwarzkopf Professional have just relaunched their Essensity range of salon products to colour, care & style your hair.

Essensity  “Oohhh what is that?” I hear you say. Well, Essensity is a natural and healthy alternative to the choices currently available in salons. With 100% performance being their main focus, Schwarzkopf  Professional are using formulas that meet the high expectations of  the modern-day consumer that will still achieve up to 100% white hair coverage, 3-4 levels of lift ( hairdresser talk ) and beautiful colour results.

I love it when a company support and endorse a “Free From” philosophy. Essensity is “Free From”  ammonia, odours, artificial fragrances & colourants, silicones, paraffin/mineral oils, parabens, alcohol & formaldehyde derivatives. Schwarzkopf  Professional are also committed to enhancing their products by promising to use the purest of organic ingredients as well as replacing synthetic ingredients wherever possible without compromising on performance. Not only is Essensity predominantly biodegradable but it is made from materials which are synthesized  from plant-based materials using renewable sources. Avoiding the use of aerosol applications and unnecessary folding boxes Essensity packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials. Yep still ticking all the right boxes for me Schwarzkopf.

I sense your skepticism, which is understandable, normally there is a catch when claims such as this are made. Skeptic schmeptic, don’t be a skeptic check this out.



BEFORE ESSENSITY – see how dark it is



After pre lightening my hair using Essensity’s  Lightening Cream & Powder Lightener, mixed with the Essensity Developer ( pre lightened to yellow with the Essensity bleach and 5.5%)I was very happy, having never lightened my own hair before (I have however been in the presence of  a head full of bleach which can be quite overpowering.) I was not sure what to expect. I can quite happily say  that there was no irritating fumes, overpowering smells, or scalp irritation at all. I cropped this pic because I have the most ridiculous look on my face.

  FIRST COLOUR –  I like to call it  NEON – TANGERINE  – Loving the new cut too. BIG  Thanks to Robert Bava & The Schwarzkopf Academy Melbourne!

Then the first colour was added   The copper tone is 7-77 – best described as a medium blonde depth, intense copper tone.) washed out  then blow-dried with the  “Colour Leave In Mask” . I was not so sure of the colour to begin with but within a short space of time I was in love………. so much so guess who jumped at the chance to mess around with the colour some more by trying some shade variations….. hmmmm that’s right ME!!

COLOUR SESSION # 2 ( done one week later ) thanks Karen Rich you rock!!!!

After washing out the colour the “Colour Leave In Mask” was applied to the hair to aid in stabilising the colour pigments to reduce fading.

The teardrop section in the front is coloured with 6-888 & 2.5%. The remaining global shade is 7-77 & 2.5% 

I love the intensity of the 2 colours. I could not be happier with my results. Leaning over to kiss my 3-year-old goodnight he asked to “feel” my hair. Upon touching it he exclaimed “that’s soft mummy” which made me realise that yes, yes it is, super soft to be more precise. Absolutely loving that my vibrant copper/red hair is so soft and shiny . Normally lightening & colouring my hair multiple times in a short space of time leaves me with dry unmanageable hair that knots easily.  I can also add that the colour fades no more on washing then any other red hair dye I have used in the past. A colour save tip I use is to grab an extra tube of the colour that I have dyed my hair with and add it to my conditioner. That way every time I condition my hair I give it a quick colour refresh. Guess who is looking forward to touching up her roots in the very near future? Yep that’s right ME!!!!!

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