Prickly pear soap recipe

Here’s an interesting and unique cold process soap recipe from Pure and Natural Soaps!

Prickly Pear Soap Recipe – Cold Process

30oz off the shelf coconut oil,
35 oz traditionally made (almost virgin) coconut oil
10oz sunflower,
33 oz pomace olive,
2oz cocoa butter.

Add a mix of aloe vera (1, 12″ leaf), Prickly pear cactus pad (1 med leaf) and gliricidia sepium leaves (local leaf used to make baths to sooth nappy and heat rash) to the water mixed with the lye and strain it off. Add at trace about the same “juiced” and 2 tbs honey and eo’s of lavender, sweet orange and geranium. Lye had a 5% discount.

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