Soap Making Demo at The HodgePodgery

The HodgePodgery, an artisan shop located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, recently announced that a soap making demo will be held on May 21st from 6-9pm. Join Jana MacGinnes and Barbara Kline from Soap Du Jour as they take you through the process of soap making. Learn how to pamper yourself using luxurious homemade soap with the therapeutic properties of essential oils. All soaps are made with a base of olive, coconut, palm and other oils which moisturize your skin and create a very sudsy bathing experience.

They will have Peppermint Patty bars using essential oils of peppermint and chocolate and cocoa butter, Green Tea using essential oils, botanical extracts and grape seed oil, Oatmeal Honey which is fabulous as a facial cleanser/moisturizer and gentle enough for baby, and more.

The fragrance for the demo is a surprise! Soap Sale – Get 3 soaps for $18. Each long lasting bar is a full 6-8 oz. Bring your friends, your family and your credit card for some retail therapy at The HodgePodgery Local Artisan Shop!

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