Thanks For Everything + Welcome To Bath N Body’s Newest Editor

This is my last post as I will be commencing synchronising swimming this summer…………..  Only joking I have started studying nursing to  eventually become a midwife. I have enjoyed the last 12 months no end.  Thank you to all who have read my words encouraged/corrected me on my grammar at times and just made this whole experience quite pleasurable. In a sense it has prepared me for study this year as it has been quite awhile. Before I leave some things to remember. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…………BUT……. if you want to look as good as possible do this A – eat a balanced diet, B- drink lots of water and  finally C – slip slop slap!!!  The above combined with a skincare routine and you have all bases covered.


A parting gift to fellow Aussies I am offering free postage on all orders from my baby “NELLIES STUFF”  Australia Wide  till the 31st March 2012 So if you are after Organic, Plant Based Skincare Haircare, Body Products and Baby Products go and have a looksy. I hand make it all myself and it’s pretty good I don’t look half bad for 32. Don’t believe me read these testimonials  :)


Please welcome the New Bath & Body Editor to Craftgossip as of tomorrow :)




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