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Jeanne Rose, aka The Grande Dame of AromaHerbalism has a free online newsletter titled “Jeanne Rose News ~ Online!”

You can subscribe to the newsletter by visiting HERE. There’s a wealth of information on aromatherapy and herbalism in the files section of past newsletters.

Ms. Rose’s newsletter is always full of great information as well as providing a listing of upcoming classes, intensives and distillations. If you haven’t ever taken a class, intensive or distillation with Jeanne Rose and you want to – you might want to take one as soon as you can. In her classic fashion, Jeanne Rose says “I’m an old woman and I am not going to be teaching forever!”

Check out the newsletter and see how you like it! 😀

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    My family is from Mexico and I just recently learned that a grand uncle who I met when I was a child grew fabulous roses. It is reported that people came from distant villages to buy his roses for weddings and grand anniversaries. His home had the feel of a fairy tale setting, and I remember him as a magicaL KNOME. I am now 46 and my interest in flowers, particularly roses is growing stronger.

    I have always had a very powerful nose. I could smell scents that went un- noticed by others. It has been a joke in my family, my big nose. Aromatherapy has always interested me and I have experimented with soap making and body butters and lotions. Now, I would like to take this further with classes and intensives as soon as possible.

    Gracias, Sandra


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