Travel Beauty Tips And Hacks


Travelling means you can’t always take your normal stock pile of beauty supplies with you. Here are some simple hacks to maintain a beautiful regime on holiday.

1: Sugar sachets and lemon slices from the hotel bar can be mixed together to create a foot scrub, Add some olive oil for a gentler scrub.

2: Sock buns fit flat in your suitcase and can create beautiful curls without the use of a curling iron. Speed things up with the hotel hairdryer if you don’t want to sleep on it. You can also use this to add volume to a normal bun up do.

3:Pimple Popped up into your Holiday snaps? Advil tablets can be used to reduce the redness.

4: Black Hair? Use mascara to tone in those stray greys you didn’t see before your checked in. Red hair? Dab some red colorstay lipstick onto your fingers and run it over the grays. It’s not perfect but it will help.

5: Cut a block of soap into smaller pieces before you leave to create your own mini soap blocks. Use a peeler to create some soap curls, perfect for keeping in your handbag for public tourist toilets without soap. So much cheaper than soap sheets.

6: Suddenly needing a heat pack? Ask the kitchen for some dry uncooked rice to be microwaved for 1-2 minutes. When the handsome room service guy leaves,  pour it into a sock or stocking, knot up the end and you have a instant heat pack.

7: Use baby powder as a dry shampoo into your hair, you can also use it to dry out sweaty walking shoes or stinky arm pits.

8: Plan you Hair styles based on your days- Start out with it down and flowing before it gets frizzy, then next day add some curls with a salty water spray made from a sachet or salt and warm water, sprinkle into hair for beach curls. Then go for a tussled and pinned up do, before finishing off your holiday with a hair bun.

9: Vaseline – Can be used to shape eyebrows, soften feet, prevent personal chaffing or wind chapped lips. Can be used as a lip gloss, nail shiner, removes eye makeup and Mascara.

10: Order green tea from room service and allow it to cool before soaking your face and hair in it. It will leave your hair shiny and your face less puffed and looking rejuvenated.

Have any more ideas? Share them below in the comments.  Want to make the travel bag used in the picture? Free Travel bag Pattern.



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