8 Quick And Easy Little Girl Hairstyles


If you are a mom of a little girl (or many), then you need to read this post!  Let’s face it, some mornings are just pure chaos and finding a moment to simply brush their hair, let alone style it, is a huge accomplishment.  Today we have found 8 quick and easy hair styles for you to try on your little girl.  They are all quite simple, and fairly quick that with very little time and effort, you will be sending your sweet little one out the door with a beautiful hairstyle.

Triple Chevron

1- Triple Chevron Style from Girly Do Hairstyles

toddler hairstyle

2- Shoelace Pigtails from Princess Hairstyles


3- Braid Bow from It’s A Girl Thing


4- Hot Cross Bun from The Chocolate In My Life


5- Princess Pentagon from Princess Piggies


6- Puffy Braids from She Does Hair


7- Rubber Band Wraps Flipped Braids from Babes in Hairland


8- Side Knots from Hairstyles by Mommy


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