Abeeco Anti aging Support Creme & Royal Eye Creme Review

I am a huge fan of New Zealand Made  Abeeco Bee Venom  products I LOVE the  Lip Plumper  Not only do Abeeco products help combat fine lines and wrinkles but they are natural, affordable and they really do work, the results are outstanding. I recently started using the Anti Aging Support Creme in conjunction with the  (hailed as natures botox ) Bee Venom Mask( $69.50 for a 50ml tub )  with key ingredients ( to promote the growth of new skin cells ) of Royal Jelly, Manuka Honey, Evening Primrose Oil, Lanolin, Elastin, Collagen, Omega 3&6 Fatty Acids, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract and a  light Natural Fragrance reminiscent of vanilla and almonds I was pleasantly suprised with how well the the 2 complimented each other. I love how light and easily absorbed by my skin this creme is there is no oily residue whatsoever and the smell I LOVE the the hint of vanilla and almond which I know is the natural fragrance which also doubles as a natural preservative ( in case you are wondering what preserves this creme )

Look at my hands after applying Anti aging Support Creme can you see how the hand on the left is a lot smoother hydrated even? The veins are not popping out on it at all, it feels so lovely and soft too. As for the other hand it is in dire need of some Abeeco!  In my opinion $38 well spent :)

I have also started using the Royal Eye Creme  it features Royal Jelly (traditionally known to promote youthful skin) which is  believed to of been a favourite beauty secret of Cleopatra’s. Royal Jelly is one of nature’s most nutritious ingredients. It is fed to the queen bee to extend her life and is packed with 134 nutrients, including 17 amino acids, B-vitamins and vitamins A, C, D and K.  Other key ingredients in Royal Eye Creme  are Jojoba Seed Oil, Manuka Honey, Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera Extract, Lanolin and Vitamin E. Another good point is I see some eye creams on the market that contain Essential Oils which in my opinion is a big NO NO this eye cream has no essential oils whatsoever. Some eye creams can either be too dense resulting in an oil film over the eye which is quite irritating or just not hydrating enough resulting in tightness.

 This eye cream was not to heavy nor light for the delicate eye area, the balance is just right, I hate it when you use a product and when you blink you can feel exactly where you have applied it which is  not the case when using Royal Eye Creme. $36 for an eye cream in my opinion is pretty good, especially when you only need to apply it sparingly. I am about to turn 32, I have been using an eye cream since I was 12 ( so I know a good one when I use it )  I know a lot of you probably think 12 is too early but I have NO regrets I have amazing looking skin around my eyes I am constantly getting compliments on how my face ( especially around my eyes ) is so smooth and wrinkle free. I credit this to looking after myself ( sunscreen, water, diligent  skincare routine, I cleanse tone and moisturise morning and night. I also religiously wear sunglasses outdoors even on dreary days )  I am sharing a picture of my eye after applying the Royal Eye Creme I am smiling in this pic and you cannot even tell! See there is method to my madness :)

Want to get your hands on some now I also found that you can purchase Abeeco at a slightly cheaper price over at the BEEVENOMMASK website by clicking HERE  save an additional $23.50 by purchasing The Royal Package  for only $149.50 which consists of a full size Bee Venom Mask, Bee Venom Lip Plumper, Anti aging Support Creme and a Royal Eye Creme. Also check out the PROMOTIONS page some fantastic savings over there too. Go on you deserve the best!!

A big shout out to Jude thank you for sending me out all of the above products for review :)


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