Billy Goat Soap — Baaaaa

Billie goat soap (with an ie not a y) was recently featured on an Australian News Program as an effective soap for sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis.  I got the impression from the show that it was the only soap on the market but obviously it is not.  So I did a little research and here are a few more choices for you.

Keep in mind the soap should be made from Fresh milk not just the powdered stuff, that is what makes it super baaaa–rific special

Herbal Garden sells it’s Fresh Goat Milk Soap blocks for $2.75 USD  or try Farnhamridge goats milk soap for an assortment of different scents for $4.75 the Udder Goat Soap sell it for $4.00 for a large block.

I know what your thinking why can’t I just make it myself?  Well guess what you Can make your own goats milk soap !!

Free Goats Milk Soap Recipe

OK one last observation… Why are all these people using the exact same shaped mold with a goat on it ? some originality would be nice. Perhaps a goat in a different pose? like this cute head shot mold :)

If I make some of this soap (which I intend to do) I am going to use a dog shaped mold, just to be awkward.

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