Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate is one of my favorite things to eat and is actually ideal for the skin when absorbed from the outside too. Chocolate contains oil’s and fats that while your hips and thighs hate that, you skin will love it.

Chocolate orange lip balm will have you licking your lips a little too often. Chocolate can be spread over your body literally from head to toe with a Chocolate body wrap or how about soaking in a Chocolate milk bath.

If I still haven’t got your taste buds going then how about these.

Creamy chocolate Soap

Or Rebecca’s soap delicatessen has a lovely Chocolate and orange soap recipe.

If all this chocolate still isn’t chocolatey enough then pick up some added scent with a commercial grade

chocolate fragrance oil which can be bough at From Nature with love.


  1. Irish says

    Ah…the powers of chocolate. I know pure cacao has tons of antioxidants in it. More than white tea even. Once again, you have me drunk from your ideas! Haha!

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