Couleur Caramel Natural Makeup- Another Look On Beauty – Mascara Review

 It was with great conviction and pride in their work back in 2003 that led Cedric Ferreol & David Reccole to start their adventure as the founders of Couleur Caramel

 “Share a delightful moment and travel to the heart of Couleur Caramel to discover natural make-up.

You will find that their textures, fragrances and colours will immerse you in an ethical and innovative universe that combines beauty, well-being, skin care and Sustainable Development.
Couleur Caramel is with you during every moment of your life,to protect your skin and the future of our planet”

Have you heard of Couleur Caramel before?

I heard about this company whilst reading “No More Dirty Looks  Upon further investigation I was pleased to know that Couleur Caramel are an all natural organic company that pledge to respect nature, people & animals. After hearing nothing but praise for their Mascara I was keen to try it for myself. I rarely wear mascara as  it irritates my eyes even after I have washed it off. This is not the case with Couleur Caramel not only were my eyes irritation free but I do believe it did a better job on my eyelashes than my regular mascara ever could Couleur Caramel’s Mascara comes with 2 brushes in 1, a short and a long brush so every lash gets a nice even CLUMP FREE coating. Once applied it may take a little longer to “dry” than regular mascara but whats an extra minute out of my day when it comes to a product that is  free from parabens, mineral oil, PEG’S  &. phenoxyethanol. I decided to do a little test, I am hopeless at applying mascara, with my regular mascara it is usually by the 3rd coat that I have effortlessly achieved that “caked on, clumpy, I have no idea what I am doing here look” I got up to 4 coats on my lashes( I thought it best to stop at 4 coats )  with Couleur Caramel which resulted in big black beautiful, clump free lashes. The water-based formula sure does replace skin aggressive solvents. With active ingredients of Acacia Resin, Carnauba Wax, Candellila Wax, Shea Butter, Sucrose & Vegetable E Vitamins. Couleur Caramel Mascara is a genuine treatment for sensitive skin. The treatment formula lets you make several successive applications without damaging the eyelashes.  This mascara is not waterproof, not to worry though if you cry or get stuck in the rain you can simply wipe it off the offending areas ( with a tissue mind you )  and reapply another coat.  There is something for everyone at Couleur Caramel check out their  Natural Makeup ( they have it all and in trendy colours too )  Facial Skincare, Nail Polishes and Various Accessories needed for all before mentioned.  Be sure to “like” Couleur Caramel USA on FB . Exclusively found in Spas, Salons and Original Independent Beauty Boutiques, Couleur Caramel is now available in the US click HERE to see a list stockists. Keep an eye out for my next review on Couleur Caramel’s Matt Azure Blue Eyeshadow. I will also have an exclusive offer for CraftGossip readers from Couleur Caramel coming up in the next week keep an eye out for it. 


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