Crafty Gemini – Updates – You Tube Video

Soap!!!! I have not really posted about soap of late, so today I am sharing with you a link to Crafty Gemini’s YOUTUBE video tutorial on how to make soap from scratch using the cold process method. This video is perfect for beginners. Click here to see it for yourself. Upon closer inspection of Crafty Gemini’s blog I see she now has her very own Crafty Gemini Mobile App for Android & Iphones congratulations Crafty Gemini :)  I also saw on Crafty’s comment box a few tips to bear in mind for when you attempt to make your own soap. I love learning new things I have yet to make my own soap. I am however getting together with my girlfriends very soon to attempt to make some of my own. Wish me luck :)

It is a good idea to keep some vinegar on hand when you make soap, so that if the lye splatters or gets on you, the acid can counteract they lye. Of course, flush with water afterwards. It is also good to use glass bowls so plastic won’t interact with the lye or soap. I like the crinkle cutters. Would be handy to have.

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