DIY – Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent


Personally I was a disposable diaper junkie and the thought of scooping poop from cloth diapers just turned me away. I know I should have made more effort but instead I chose to put that energy into something else. Everyone has their own opinion about what is “right” but I am a big advocate in “Do what is right for you”.

EcoCrazyMom shares her recipe for a safe homemade laundry detergent that is suitable for cloth diapers. This recipe costs just $30 for a year’s supply making it affordable as well as Eco friendly.


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    Thanks for posting this.
    FYI I am currently cloth-diapering a 3yrold (mid-potty training) and a 16mo and have since they came home from the hospital. 16mo actually started in the hospital. I have never had to “scoop poo” from a cloth diaper. Did you know you are supposed to flush all poo? It is illegal to throw it in the trash, which is on the side of the disposable diaper packages. Modern cloth diapers are VERY easy (disposable easy) I just don’t throw away 25¢ for every wet/dirty diaper. I have spent a TOTAL of $400 to diaper 2 kids, disposables average $1000/year. Plus disposables have NOTHING on modern cloth for cuteness factor 😛

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