DIY: Eye Makeup Remover

Found this just in the nick of time as, horrors, we are out of remover! adelynSTONE was tired of paying big money for products that didn’t work and thinks this one, with ingredients most of us have on hand, works better than any she’s ever tried. And although she initially tried it with baby oil, it would work just as well with either coconut or olive oils. Find all the (super easy!) steps here.


  1. Paula B says

    I just use straight baby shampoo. When I am in the tub or shower I apply it directly to my eyes the wash the rest of my face with my regular face wash product. If I am just removing my eye makeup I use a cotton pad and some baby shampoo and a little water on the cotton pad. I have sensitive eyes and this does not bother my eyes at all.

  2. says

    I’ve heard multiple times {from doctors} to NEVER use oil on your eyes because your eyes can’t break it down and it can cause really bad issues that need surgically repaired. Clogged tear ducts etc.

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