DIY Handmade Washcloth Tutorial – Goes Hand In Hand With Homemade Soap

 I found this pic over at Soap Deli News. It belongs to Creative Jewish Mum. I can’t really sew or crochet but if you can and have the time to spare before christmas, it shouldn’t take too long to do right? Pick your colours and get going wrap it around a bar of soap ( have you seen all the different soap tutorials I have posted about this week ) and give a gift that is from the heart. Head over and  experience a little pure luxury for yourself by clicking here


  1. Melizza Thompson says

    I am in for DIY Handmade Soap. I also make my own cosmetics. I recently moved here from the states and one of my suppliers Formulator Sample Shop in the states offers free shipping sometimes using code 6566 at checkout. Sometimes it works and sometimes it dosen’t. Saves me tons of money on shipping. the address is


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