DIY: Make your own BB (Blemish Balm)

What if you could have one product for your face that did it all — gave you sunscreen protection, blemish coverage, moisturising and more? Well, with Blemish Balm (or what some people call Beauty Balm) now you can…and of course you can buy it, at places like Sephora. But why buy it if you can make it? And you may need to make it as the range of skin tone shades is currently very limited. This was originally brought to my attention by the fabulous Amy at Angry Chicken (see her post here on how and why she made her own) but there is another great, detailed post here from The Student’s Guide to Nail Polish. And if you really want to get down into it, and have some serious experience with home chemistry, here is an even more detailed totally from scratch post from Viva Woman. (Photo courtesy of Angry Chicken)


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    Wow, thank you for the mention! I was just looking at my blog stats when I noticed I had a lot of hits from your site, which led me here 😛 I hope this was helpful to you guys!

    I just found that all of the BB creams in stores didn’t match my skin tone, as well as being notourious for not delivering the benefits of the ‘original’ BB creams in Asia, and I wasn’t keen on spending ££ importing from Korea when even then I would have to adjust the colour, hence why I made my own!

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