DIY Melt and Pour Valentine Heart Soaps Project

 Check out this Melt & Pour Valentines Day Project that is based on small moulded pieces of soap that are floated in a larger bar of soap. This technique is known as “embeds”  I LOVE these soaps seriously anyone can make these check out the  step by step tutorial complete with pictures I found via David Fisher on 

For this project you will need

  • Some clear and white melt and pour soap base
  • Fragrance or essential oil (if desired)
  • Red soap colorant
  • A rubber “heart” ice-cube tray
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Rubbing Alcohol in spray bottle
  • Basic setup for Melt and Pour Soap Making

Click HERE to find out what you need to do next





  1. Mary says

    I love embeds, just made a small batch using the cold process method, first day the hearts, next day I used a slab mold, the soap making resource has a partial tutorial

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