DIY Melt & Pour Christmas Ornament Soap

 Want to  kill a few birds with one stone . Why not decorate your tree with some DIY melt and pour christmas ornaments this year. Not only do they look pretty  but they can also add fragrance to the home if you add a christmassy scent. They also add a personal touch to the big day. I know you are thinking it’s not the same as traditional decorations but I like the concept. So go on try something different, ditch the lights and have a crack at decorating your tree. Looks pretty, smells divine as well as serving a purpose. Your guests will all have a tiny keepsake  to remember the big day by.



Melt & Pour soap base

Lab Color soap colorant

Cranberry Fig fragrance (or another equally holiday fragrance)

Christmas Ornament or Snow Flake Mold

Ribbon or String

To decorate this soap

Glitter (must be skin-safe if you want to be able to use the soap so no rubber stamp project glitter)


Pop over to SoapQueen for an easy to do tutorial complete with pictures

Add an extra touch attach a tag get your free printable download here 











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