DIY Non Toxic Mosquito Repellent

With all the recent floods,  mosquitoes are on the rise. I myself have a strictly “hate” relationship with the pesky little things ( they have anger issues )  If you want to make your very own mosquito repellent that is non toxic try the following.

* 10-25 drops (total) of essential oils

* 2 tablespoons of a carrier oil  ( almond, apricot kernel, olive, sunflower or any other cooking oil ) or alcohol ( such as high quality vodka )

any mixture of the following essential oils: basil, catnip, cedarwood, citronella, juniper, lemon, lemongrass, myrrh, palmarosa, pine, rose geranium, rosemary & cinnamon will repel mosquitoes.

Be sure to shake well before each use .

Check your DIY mosquito repellent on a small area to check for allergic reactions before using it over large areas of your body.

Some essential oils may have disagreeable odors, especially when mixed together, so consider adding peppermint oil to your repellent to cover any unpleasant fragrances.

You’ll need to re-apply the natural product after about an hour or after swimming or exercise. Unused natural insect repellent may be stored  in a dark glass bottle  away from heat or sunlight.
Try this citronella soap recipe for added protection.
And if you’ve already been bit you can  stick a small strip of regular Scotch tape over the bite – the adhesive will draw out the irritating liquid and help to relieve the itching.
Lavender, Peppermint and Tea Tree Essential Oil will relieve Mosquito bites Lavender & Tea Tree are safe to apply directly to the skin


  1. kc says

    I always used Eucalyptus Oil. It is a natural repellent. Mixed with Lemon and or citronella offers great protection ( even used alone) in a carrier oil of course.

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