Jord Watches – Nature at it’s best!


When Jord watches approached us for a review of their amazing watches, I knew in that second I had found a gift for my 4 year-olds wedding. I know you’re thinking what?? Well  you might recall the post I wrote called “Gifts From My Grave“. If you didn’t read it then head over and take a look. (It will explain the importance of this gift).

Jord meaning Earth, Soil, Land is the perfect name for these down to earth watches made from natural wood. I love when you find a a fashion piece that is different without being crazy weird (trust me sometimes it’s a fine line). There are many different designs, styles and colors to choose from but I hand picked this one “SULLY” because it really stood out to me and I could imagine my boy wearing it as he walked down the aisle or at the least prepares for his special day (assuming he doesn’t want to wear it in his wedding). These watches are the perfect gift as they are different and beautiful and totally affordable.


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